This is the 3rd year that we have had our team training at the AuSauble River Lodge in Mio, Michigan with our friends Dale and Sandy Handrich. We have spent two weeks in the lodge and have held our rehearsals at Mio Baptist Church with our good friend, Pastor Glynn McMorris.

It is a time of intense practicing, learning old music, developing new pieces, and perfecting tone, harmonies, and dynamics. It is also a time of Bible study, prayer, meals, laughter, and special time together. There are multiple dynamics in making a strong team. Terry and I live in the lodge giving us the necessary opportunities to be with everyone and allowing the team to get to know us and observe our lives.

We are thrilled to have 5 new team members this year along with 4 returning team members:

Mark and Amanda Egerdahl – 5th year, team leader and vocalists

Jessica Sasek – 5th year, vocalist, flautist, scheduling coordinator

Rachel Dalrymple – 2nd year, violinist, technology coordinator

Bethany Roberts – 1st year, teacher

Allison Chetta – 1st year, violinist, music resource table

Megan Hamilton – 1st year, pianist, vocalist, Heart Publications secretary

Ethan Weaver – 1st year, vocalist, pianist, Cola Wars director

Mark Dalrymple – 1st year, cellist, guitarist

Please pray as we prepare for a schedule that includes 34 weeks of special meetings. We will be traveling to local churches in 13 states and 1 foreign country, as well as serving a local church for three weeks in the Atlanta, Georgia area between Thanksgiving and Christmas.