Dear Praying Friends,

As I sit here in my trailer, I can’t help but be thankful for God’s gift of life for yet another day. There is no taking for granted a beating heart or another breath. Just to see a blue sky and wispy clouds brings joy and a sigh of gratitude.  I am assured regularly that your prayers have made the difference. Thank you!

I will board a plane on Saturday, Sept. 29th, that will take me once again to Denver for my next cancer treatment. Over the past few months, I had a treatment in May and then July and am happy to report that my protein levels remained constant with no significant cancer growth!  My hope is for the same result this time around or even better, a decrease in these cancer cells that would bring me closer to a normal blood count. My appointment is on Monday, Oct. 1st at 9:00A.M. I would request prayer for a good vein for the IV. Thank you!

Steve & I decided to have two large tumors removed that have been with me for literally six years. These lumps were overlooked until my diagnosis in 2008. During these past four years, they grew to a point and then leveled out, but the location of each became uncomfortable, especially one on my back left thigh. With hours of travel and sitting in a truck or a pew, it seemed like this was the time to take them out. So, in late July as the Olympics began, I had a 2 1/2 hour surgery to remove them. I had hoped since they had been radiated, that they would have been somewhat contained, but the Doctor said it was like “picking gum out of shag carpet!” It’s been approximately six weeks and I am healing well. I did incur some nerve damage so my specific request would be that my leg return to a normal, pre-surgical state. Thank you!

I will write again soon with results of my next treatment. I am able to travel and thank God that I can continue to be with my family, our team and the work God has called us to do. Praise God!

Thanking God for you,

Terry Pettit