Dear Praying Friends,

As I write from our daughter and son-in-laws apartment in Alexandria, VA, hurricane “Sandy” has just blown through leaving it’s consequences behind!  I happened to schedule this visit prior to any knowledge of such a mammoth storm and just arrived before it hit the DC area. Oddly, a storm can bring unexpected blessings in the midst of turmoil! For instance, I’ve had much more time with my family  than would have otherwise been possible!

My last treatment could be viewed as a tempest or storm  since my results weren’t what I would have anticipated or chosen. In fact, the IGM protein level that is used to measure cancer growth jumped about 500 points in the wrong direction. It might be that the aftermath of my surgery on my left leg in July stirred cancer cells into recirculating through my blood stream. This is the educated guess by the Doctor and myself! So, now I am waiting until my next treatment on December 27th to see if this was a reaction or a trend. I am trusting it was just a reaction and that my blood counts will turn around in the right direction!

The blessing in all of this is that I can continue to travel with my family and no decisions have to be made for a change of treatment or future possibilities as of yet. My energy is good, and I feel good! I will fly back to Denver for Christmas week on the 19th and leave on the evening of the 27th immediately after my treatment.

I have three specific prayer requests……First, that my counts would slide down again. Secondly, that the nerve damage in my leg would repair itself and the tumors which were removed would not return. Thirdly, that a soon required change of insurance would happen without difficulty.

Thank you again for your prayers as God reminds! He is my shelter in the time of storm in Whom I can hide and I feel His protection!

Sheltered in His arms,

Terry Pettit