The Steve Pettit Evangelistic Team is on a new venture of faith with Lebanon Baptist Church of Roswell, Georgia. Their new pastor, Brian Peterson invited the team to serve in the church for a period of 4 Sundays and 3 full weeks of ministry from November 25th to December 16th.
The purpose of this time is to help the church in the areas of services, small-group discipleship, and Gospel opportunities through special events. The team is leading all of the music during the worship services on Sunday, and Pastor Peterson and Steve are sharing the pulpit and expounding God’s Word during these times. On the first Sunday (November 25th), many of the adults volunteered to be a part of a 3-week small-group discipleship group. During this time, the focus is on the study of God’s Word and the training of adults for future discipleship ministry. The groups are studying the theme of Walking in the Spirit from Galatians 5:13-25. Various team members are leading these groups. They are meeting all over Roswell at various restaurants and coffee shops at different times of the day. There are also multiple evangelistic events that are taking place over the three weeks. They include:
Canvassing Events
A teen outreach called The Cola Wars
Cross Impact Bible studies at Kennessaw State University
Awana Parent Christmas Party
Senior Saints Brunch
The final outreach is a Celtic Christmas Concert including adult and children’s choirs along with the Pettit Team. This will be a huge gospel opportunity for the church to contact as many visitors as possible.
Please pray for this unique opportunity, for our team, and for the good people of Lebanon Baptist Church.
Check out Pictures from the week HERE!