So, what are you seeing? That is a question I have been asked by pastors and churches for years. I must admit that I never have really liked being asked that question. Who am I to expound on the state of the church? Does living in her parking lots give me some special insight? My typical response to this question is to ask some qualifying questions: “What do you mean?” “Can you be more specific?” “Is there some issue you want to discuss?” “Do you want to tell me what you see?”

However, I must say that I do get a lot of the same questions. Perhaps my only real qualification is that I have heard the same questions repeated over and over for years. Therefore, I have decided to write this blog in order to pass on my lack of originality. These are the same things I have heard, observed, and learned over the last 30 years of living with God’s people and seeing God’s work in His church.

– SP