Dr. Travis Smith and Hillsdale Baptist Church was well prepared for our week of ministry in the greater Tampa area. We have held a number of meetings with this faithful ministry in the past, and it was a joy to serve with them once again! The focus during the week was evangelism and outreach. The church had planned a variety of events for church people to bring their friends.
It began on Sunday morning with the theme “Amazing Grace” Sunday. On Monday and Tuesday nights we had a Ladies Dinner and a Men’s RibFest. Wednesday was a Family Fun Night, the Teen Cola Wars was on Thursday, and we concluded with an Irish Sacred Concert. The pastor was extremely encouraged by the number of visitors that came to these special events. There were even some who responded to the Gospel message to receive Jesus Christ as their Savior.
We were very grateful for the hard work of the assistant Pastors: Brian Barber, Justin Jarrett, and Eric Peterman. These are godly, faithful men who are striving to make an impact in their respective ministries.
Our hope and prayer is that the pastors were encouraged by the week and the church was edified. What an opportunity these dear people have to make an impact for Christ in the thriving area of Tampa.
Check out photos from the week HERE!