The team enjoyed a restful spring break while I flew to Israel to host a Holy Land Tour. After returning from Israel, Cross Impact hosted an inspiring 2-day Local Church Leadership Training Conference in Clemson, SC. The team met back on March 30th in Greenville, SC and drove to Carthage, NC to begin our first meeting of the spring in a beautiful large building located out in the country, the Yates-Thagard Baptist Church  We had a wonderful week with Pastor Steven Johnson and Pastor Sammy Frye who work with this wonderful ministry. This was our second meeting with these dear people. As we would say in good southern terminology, these folks were like their iced tea, “sweet!”

The week began on the greatest evangelistic day in the calendar year, Easter Sunday morning. As I spoke on the Logic of the Resurrection, it was a delight to see people respond to the Gospel in the service. During our Sun. through Wed. meetings, I was privileged to meet with the singles class in a pre-service and encourage them in their wonderful opportunity to reach the Sand Hills Community College. We held our Irish Sacred Concert on Sunday evening and had an excellent attendance that night. On Tuesday everyone came for a night of “Family Fun” in the fellowship hall and truly had an awesome time. We concluded the week on Wednesday with a Cola Wars outreach. We give thanks to God for His marvelous work in prompting 16 teenager to respond to the Gospel and accept Jesus Christ!

We also enjoyed spending time with the staff of Yates-Thagard: Pastor Sammy Frye, a very special and talented brother who wrote Lord of My Heart, a song we regularly sing, Mark Williamson, their music director, who was a real blessing to serve alongside, and  Pastor Johnson, a very faithful man of God. We look forward to the opportunity to return again in the future!

It was also blessing to see Mike and Bridget Egerdahl, team members who traveled with us from 2005-2010. Mike is now the children’s pastor at Colonial Baptist Church in Cary, NC, and he came down every night to the services. We were also thrilled to see their baby boy, Hawken and spend some quality time during the week. “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.” 3 John 4

– Steve Pettit

Check out photos from the week HERE!