Dear Praying Friends,

It’s May 1st and believe it or not, it’s snowing as I write!  I’m still in Denver at my mother’s house which is where I spend my time when I fly to Colorado for my cancer treatments.  Flurries are still blowing and the projection is to keep this up until at least midnight tonight.  In typical Colorado fashion though, I anticipate a blue sky and warm temperatures in maybe a day or two.  So, as unusual as this might be or even unexpected for this time of year, we are having a slow snow day!

This weather goes hand in hand with my most recent lab results.  I had expectations of a drop in my cancer counts and always live in hope for a sunny day of improvements in my general state of health, but this hasn’t been the case this time around.  My IGM cancer protein, which is the main measurement for growth, increased about  237 points.  I confess, I was surprised at this result since there was a drop last time.  Having said that, I know this can change and the sun can come out in days to come!

Humanly speaking, there isn’t always a good explanation as to the why’s or why not’s when it comes to cancer and its progression or its decline.  The truth of God’s Word is what never changes! Speaking for my entire family, we continue to trust the plan of God for my life and for each other.   I remain hopeful that my future treatments will produce better results!  Lord willing, I will return in July and will live in anticipation for a brighter day!

Thank you again, kind friends, for your prayers!  With all my heart, I believe it is your prayers which have sustained me on the road and in my daily life.  The Scripture exhortation to be “patient in tribulation” has come to the forefront of my thinking and I know God is working a good work through every circumstance!

I know this is long standing and often feel awkward to keep asking for your attention through prayer and intercession, but this is the path God has planned for His children to support each other.  I can only be humbled and thankful through it.

God’s richest blessings to you!

Terry Pettit