This was our first meeting with Pastor David Miller. He has ministered at First Baptist Church of Mishawaka, Indiana for 37 years.  The youth ministry has been led for a number of years by Pete Jones. Pete has a great love for the people and an effective ministry with the teens. The newest pastor on staff is Mr. Nate Mason, who leads the music ministry. It was a great joy to be a part of a singing congregation. They have a beautiful, old stately sanctuary. The team loved ministering with these wonderful people.
I spoke to the church on Sunday morning on the theme, “Where is the Future?” I was able to meet nightly with the singles ministry and discuss the philosophy and methodology of discipleship. It was exciting to see the potential of reaching the next generation of singles through the local church.
We had a good outreach with the Cola Wars on Thursday night. Eleven teens responded to the Gospel at the invitation. It was a very exciting night. The Irish Sacred Concert was well attended with visitors from all over the area. We have the highest regard for Pastor Miller and the good folks at First Baptist Church of Mishawaka, Indiana.
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