We are so grateful for the privilege it has been to have had Bethany Roberts and Rachel Dalrymple on the Pettit Team.

Rachel served with us for two years. When she came, she had just finished her master’s degree in violin performance from the University of Georgia. Her first year was spent playing the violin and overseeing the music resource table. This year she took on the huge responsibility of overseeing all our technology needs, including photography, power points, and website updates. She has done an outstanding job and we will sorely miss her.

Bethany graduated from Northland Baptist Bible College in 2009. She grew up in Japan as a missionary kid. She taught for three years at Harvest Baptist Church in Guam. This year she served as our school-teacher. She also embraced the difficult responsibility of running our soundboard during the services. We will miss her sweet servant’s spirit.


Rachel ~

“Two years…already? It seems like so long ago I was in “team training” helping to arrange instrumental parts for new Pettit music! But then when I think of the 70+ churches in which I’ve had the unbelievable privilege to play those songs, the deep friendships I’ve made with fellow team members, the countless believers who’ve encouraged me along the way, and the drastic ways God has changed my life, it actually seems like a remarkably short period of time.

One of my greatest fears when I came on team was not playing in front of a congregation of people, meeting hundreds of new faces each week, or even living out of a suitcase for two years!

To be honest, it was probably sharing my faith. The thought of striking up a conversation with a pure stranger (whether lost or saved) about spiritual things gave way to fears like, “what if I stumble in my words, what if I can’t communicate the gospel or the Word clearly enough for them, what if they reject me, or what if I somehow lessen the reputation of Christ?” I had always wanted to be bold for God, but I found my pride usually got in the way.

And then, I was ON the Pettit team. And it didn’t matter what I felt.

had to counsel with young people, I had to help lead children to the Lord, I had to play in public schools, and I had to invite a random teen on a street corner to a church activity!  Week by week, sometimes forcing myself to reach out, often feeling inadequate, and yes, sometimes getting tongue-tied for sure, my fears began to be surpassed by another fear – a genuine fear and passion for their souls!  For it is not based on our adequacy, our talents, or our confidence that God calls us to be faithful.  It is based on a love for God, obedience to His commands, and a selflessness that focuses on others.

Over these past two years, seeing lost people, hurting people, and godly people all over the country has given me a greater perspective for what ministry is all about. And as for the Pettit family and the team…

I feel SO privileged to call these folks my friends and can’t thank them enough for how this ministry has impacted my life!”


Bethany ~

“Summing up the things I have learned while traveling for one year on the Pettit Team is a wonderful and challenging task for sure. Even listing off just a couple of things the Lord has worked on in my heart over the year, such as a deeper reality of His sovereignty, the need to disciple others, the need for fellowship, unity, and openness among believer’s, even a deeper reality of my own selfishness, and the list could go on, but these all bring back so many memories and stories from throughout the year.

Yet, overall, I have noticed that many of these truths have lead me to meditating on how I can not take the time God has given to me for granted. No one can know what the future moments hold and therefore should not let things go undone or unsaid. Striving to live for the Lord now is all we can do. The Lord has given everyone a specific locked time on this earth to learn about Him and to choose what we want to spend our time doing.

I have sat for 9 months and listened to Brother Steve Pettit challenge singles on discipleship and how it is not a program but a way of life. It is a very conscious, day by day reaching out to fellow believers. My mind is overwhelmed with the truth that I may not live to see tomorrow and thus may not get another chance to tell the people I love that I love them; or what about the person I have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to share the gospel with.

Yet, despite my short-comings, I am so thankful for the Lord’s consistency. Despite the very difficult things that inevitably will occur daily, Christ’s glory is the lighthouse of strength just waiting to show how He will turn ashes into beauty.”