Dear Praying Friends,

It has been my experience that God frequently uses distresses in our lives to draw us closer to Him, and I would have to put a cancer journey in that category. Yet God brings a calm to the storm of the moment as mixed feelings of sadness, confusion and helplessness break through to emotions of acknowledgement, trust and faith (Matt. 8:24-26).  It is with these thoughts that I cushion the results of my most recent cancer treatment.

Since July 2012, my cancer counts have struggled to decrease with some ups and downs through this past year. Most recently, I have experienced increases in cancer activity with each treatment. I confess it is distressing that my cancer numbers have gone up 488 points since my last treatment in April to a high of 1218 just a few days ago. This is a number I haven’t seen for perhaps three years. Having said that, I do remain hopeful that all this can still turn around. It is a two month wait before my counts will be tested again, so that gives opportunity for God to work!

I do have some very encouraging news that I’ve waited to share until now! About 15 months ago, I was also diagnosed with diabetes. Since that time, my blood sugar has remained high even with the medication I was taking. The good news is that in the past few weeks it has normalized and is exactly as it should be! My goal is to get off the daily drug and to control it through diet and exercise. I believe this is a real possibility!

I have continued peace in my heart that God is in control and that He has a specific plan for me. I remain thankful to be alive and would continue to ask for prayers as God leads in my life as well as in the ministry He has given to our family.

Many thanks for your love and concern along this way! The peace that passes understanding comes through the pathway of prayer. (Phil. 4:6,7) Your prayers are invaluable! I will keep you informed as future changes occur.

Simply Trusting,
Terry Pettit