After 8 days of team training in Michigan, we’ve been able to produce at least 7 new songs. Two of them are instrumentals. What Wondrous Love Is This includes a harp solo, after which the cello, viola, mandolin, guitar, and accordion join to build intensity. Blessed Be the Name incorporates two guitars, two mandolins, and a bouzouki and has a light, refreshing style. Of course, these two instrumentals have powerful and dynamic texts, and it is our desire that the musical settings will properly enhance the messages of each song.

The five vocal songs we have prepared come from a variety of sources, and each one has a Christ-honoring, heart-touching text. You would not believe the work that goes into finding songs like these. For a set of 50 songs we consider, there may be 1 or 2 songs that actually make the cut. Those that do make it are presented to the team for further consideration. This year we looked at a large selection of songs, and the ones we prepared are listed below.


Where is Room?

Theme:  When a sinner places his faith in Christ, Christ enters his life and transforms it, leaving no room in the heart for doubt, guilt, self-righteousness, or pride.

“See Him on the cross fulfilling both your punishment and crown – Lose your powerless religion, Find yourself in His renown.”

Musical Setting:  SATB Quartet with piano, guitar, double bass, and penny whistle.


Before the Cross

Theme:  When we face trials, we are often tempted to question God’s goodness. However, when we look at Jesus’ suffering on the cross it gives us strength to face our trial and fills us with gratitude for Christ’s sacrifice.

“No need, no want, no trial, no pain can compare to this: the wrath of God once meant for me was all spent on Him.”

Musical Setting: TTBB Quartet with piano and violin.


I Will Sing

Theme:  This song magnifies our Savior Jesus Christ by praising Him for His power to save, His power to create new life, and His beautiful name.

“I will sing of wonder of Jesus, and the cross that he bore for our sin. I will sing of the love that has conquered the grave and the day He’s returning again.”

Musical Setting:  TT Duet with piano, guitar, and mandolin.


Settled At The Cross

Theme:  It’s easy to believe God loves you when life is going smoothly, but what about when God in His sovereignty guides you through suffering? What if He seems silent when you cry out for help? This powerful song of faith makes it clear that the question of God’s love for us was settled at the cross when He sacrificed His Son for our sins.

“If You never speak another word of blessing, and the silence leaves me with a sense of loss; I’ll remember when my heart begins to question, any doubt that You love me was settled at the cross.”

Musical Setting: ST Duet with piano, cello, and viola.


A Heart of Stone

Theme: This beautiful, soul-searching text by Ron Hamilton exposes man’s sinful, hard heart as he views the sacrifice of Christ. The cross transforms our heart of stone to a heart of love and devotion to our Lord.

“Have I no eyes to see that I can stand so near, and watch the Savior wounded, but never shed a tear? Can I but coldly gaze upon His painful loss? Have I no eyes to see God’s lamb upon the cross?”

Musical Setting:  AT Duet with piano, guitar, double bass, and penny whistle.