New England Tour 2013The Wilds of New England

It has been our wonderful privilege to minister in various churches in the New England states this fall. The beauty of the fall in this place is a breathtaking testament to the omnipotence and Divinity of our great Creator God. As we served in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Connecticut we were reminded of the Great Awaking that took place in this area nearly 300 years ago. Our prayer is, “Lord, do it again!”

Merrimack Valley Baptist Church
Merrimack, New Hampshire, September 22-27

We were privileged to serve in our 3rd meeting with Pastor Larry Clause and the Merrimack Valley Baptist Church. This is the home of the South Merrimack Valley Christian School and the mission board, IBM Global. Pastor Clause planted this ministry over 30 years ago and it has grown to over 700 regular attenders.

We ministered in the Christian school during the days and in the church in the evenings. During Monday and Tuesday evening, we held special Friendship Dinners for the men and the women of the church. These were wonderful Gospel opportunities to present the Gospel in a relaxed atmosphere. On Wednesday we held a Family Fun night, Thursday was a Cola War for teens, and Friday we concluded with the Irish Sacred Concert. Friday was a grand evening with many visitors attending. Pastor Clause mentioned that this was the largest amount of visitors he had ever seen before in one service in his church. We give thanks to God for the things he did in hearts, the people who heard the Gospel, and the individuals who trusted Jesus Christ as their Savior. A special shout-out to Pastor David Gee! He was a special blessing to our team all week long.

Trinity Baptist Church
Concord, New Hampshire, September 29-October 6

We drove 45 minutes up the interstate to be with our long time friends at the Trinity Baptist Church in Concord. This was our 6th meeting
at Trinity. God has unusually blessed this ministry over the years. Each passed meeting there has been an abundant harvest of people coming to saving faith in Jesus Christ. We were thrilled to be with Pastor Brian Fuller and his wonderful staff of godly servants. The church has always prepared well for these meetings. The people pray and invite friends and family members to hear the Gospel.

The week was 8 days long and designed to have special evangelistic events. The schedule we followed was:

Monday – Men’s NightTrinity Cola War

Tuesday – Ladies’ Night

Wednesday – Family Fun Night

Thursday – Teen Cola War

Friday – Irish Sacred Concert

Each night visitors came and heard the Gospel. It was thrilling to see the response each night with numbers of people trusting Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. We were thrilled to serve with former team members and now youth pastor, Ben Lamphere and his wife, Amberley. Throughout the time at Trinity there were nearly 40 professions of faith in Christ.

We planned a week off after being at Trinity. We spent time resting, relaxing, and visiting various sites. We toured Boston, Massachusetts for a day. We drove up into the mountains of New Hampshire for a fall color tour on another day. We were also privileged to go down to The Wilds of New England and to spend some time with camp director, Rand Hummel, and his staff.

Thank you Trinity Baptist and staff for allowing us to serve with you.

Trinity Baptist Church
Williston, Vermont, October 13-16

We drove up to the top of Vermont to spend a half-week with the ministry of Trinity Baptist Church. Their pastor had resigned one month Trinity Baptist in VTbefore our arrival. We decided to go ahead with the meeting and minister to the people of the church.

We felt like it was good church meeting. God blessed and gave immediate fruit with an adult and a teen coming to be saved on Sunday morning.  We finished the service on Wednesday night with an adult man trusting Christ as his Savior.

We also ministered in the Christian school during the week. Please pray for this ministry that God will be exalted through this work and the Gospel will go forward into this needy community.

Truth Baptist Church
South Windsor, Connecticut, October 20-24

We concluded our meeting in Vermont and drove to Troy, Michigan to be with the First Baptist Church. Upon the conclusion of that meeting we drove straight back to Vermont to pick up our trailers and to drive to Connecticut to be with the Truth Baptist Church of South Windsor, Connecticut.

This is the first time to be with this ministry and their pastor, Bim Riley. He planted this ministry over 30 years ago and has remained faithful to the Gospel. We had a wonderful week! We started Harvest Banquetwith a Harvest Banquet on Saturday night, October 19th. This is the largest evangelistic outreach of the year for this church. We had 200 adults come with well over 50 visitors. We had a delicious meal and the team played special music and presented the Gospel. There was a response of 8+ adults who trusted Jesus as their Savior that night.

Throughout the week, we ministered to the church. The messages were geared for spiritual renewal and growth. The building was full every service. The people received the Word joyfully and responded every night. It was a joy to see other pastors come to the services. We were excited to see our friends, Mark and Brenda Love, who drove up from Colchester, Connecticut.

Thank you pastor Riley for the privilege of serving with you and your people.