We are spending the first five weeks of our 2014 spring along the eastern side of the Carolinas.

This year we started out in Myrtle Beach, SC, at Calvary Bible Church (January 26-31). This was our first time coming to this ministry. The Lord met with us during these meetings in the church and school. Even though we faced some issues with the weather and had one night of services cancelled due to ice and snow, there were children, teens, and adults saved throughout the week. It was a blessing to serve with Pastor Burt Bosworth and Mark Roland. God has surely blessed this good work with growth. People are coming with a hunger for God’s Word.

The next Saturday the team drove to minister with Pastor Greg Odiorne at Cornerstone Baptist Church. (February 2-7) This was also the first time to come to this ministry. Being near Ft. Bragg the church was filled with military personnel. There seemed to be a real touch of God in the Christian school with a wonderful response to the preaching. The services were well attended with adults responding to the Gospel and coming to saving faith in Christ. It was a blessing to get to know the Odiornes. We met them years ago in Lansdale, PA. Pastor Greg served in the US Army as a chaplain before coming to this pastorate. We were grateful to be with some real servants of God.

We traveled on Saturday to Jacksonville, NC, to be with the Fellowship Baptist Church. (February 9-14) This is our second meeting with Pastor Rich Sutherland. They are just a few blocks from the large Marine Corps base, Camp Lejeune. We are excited about the opportunity to have a wonderful week together. We began the first day with a full church and a positive response to the Gospel.