Dear Praying Friends,

My plane ride is a little bumpy and jostled this time as I travel back to the team. It is a small parallel to this past week of treatments. I left Denver this morning at 10:40 am and will arrive, Lord willing, in Huntsville, Alabama early this evening. I’ve spent this past week catching up on life (like shopping for team birthday parties) as well as my medical appointments.

My regular “push it back” cancer treatment went well, but a new treatment was discussed because of ongoing sickness this year. This particular cancer weighs down the immune system which makes normal recovery from a common cold/flu/virus a little more challenging. In fact, one of the primary dangers is the inability to fight infections because my infection-fighting proteins are too low. I was told that perhaps I’ve entered a new stage since I was consistently sick through the past few months. I admit, I’ve been surprised by this because I typically don’t get the common thing; I’m only used to getting diseases! :-)

So….it was discussed and decided to add an immune system booster to my normal regimen. I went in another day for a few hours of IV drip. Just as I thought this was going smoothly, I began to have a reaction to the medication with waves of pain as well as tremors and shaking. I was quickly given a bag of steroids which thankfully calmed things down . The original plan was to enable me to administer this treatment on my own through a pump every month, but I’m guessing this will be put on hold.

After a couple days of discomfort, I am feeling more normal and less “jostled”. As you are experiencing this kind of uncertainty in your physical response to something outside of your control, it forces the issue of Who is!  Only God!  It isn’t that issues or problems or situations will never occur. In fact, they may be the norm, but it is God who is the constant in our lives. He is the One ultimately in control. He is the one that gives grace for the moment of uncertainty!

Once again, how can I adequately express my gratitude for your constant prayers through this long journey? I continue to be amazed at the gracious, loving response of God’s people who pray. Thank you so much!

My next treatment will be around the middle of June..  There is a lot of life to be lived until then!  I’ll keep you posted!



Update: 5/7/14

So thankful, surprised and in some ways, puzzled that my cancer counts dropped again! In fact, because of sickness the past few months, I was prepared for a jump in the wrong direction. My cancer protein is at an all time low since I was re-diagnosed in 2008! (IGM -280 – Normal is below 200!) There is no real explanation except my body is responding to your prayers! Thank you! Praising God!