Dear Praying Friends,

I arrived in Denver a little over a week ago for my last cancer treatment in Colorado. While I always have had mixed emotions because of the treatment itself, I have enjoyed the blessing of seeing and spending time with my wonderful mother!  She has been a true caregiver and support all of my life, but especially in this trial which began in the summer of 2008.

I just received the lab results of my last treatment, and I can only describe my results with “Wonder of wonder! Miracle of miracles!” My counts dropped AGAIN to a new low of 258!  (200 is “normal”) This doesn’t mean I am in remission, and I still have tumors in my legs, but it is amazing and unbelievable, (oh me of little faith…) to have these continued results!  I find this especially meaningful because of the new transition in our lives this summer!

As most of you know by now, God has directed Steve and our family in a wonderful way to minister at Bob Jones University!  It is a total change of life, but not a change of purpose or direction as we seek to serve God in this new location.  We realize it is a tremendous privilege to continue to work with college age adults as they seek and study through God’s purpose in their lives. We have always loved and cared about the upcoming generation!  The teams who have traveled with us in ministry on the road have been and continue to be like extended family.  We hope to nourish new relationships in this new role!

There is no explanation of my significant and remarkable results beyond your prayers for me! I respect and appreciate my oncologist so much, but realize only God makes medicine “work”!  I can try to express my gratitude for your prayers, but it will never be sufficient. :-)  Thank you!!!!

Please pray for us as God reminds! We need to find new doctors in every area of our personal health and are trusting God to guide. I will continue to post future results and keep you informed as God leads us along this new path.

Asking for Light!

Terry Pettit