Dear Praying Friends,

I know it’s been some time since I’ve posted a report on the SPEA webpage!  I’ve relied on Facebook to connect with those who use it as their primary connection to the outside world.  Having said that, there is so much to communicate!

First of all, I’d love to give some background to what God is doing for me!  I transferred my healthcare to a new oncologist when we made our move to Greenville last summer.  My last treatment in Denver was this past June, so August was my first initial treatment in the Greenville Health System. My new doctor has been extremely helpful and has continued the exact protocol that my doctor in Denver prescribed since 2008. I was very thankful.

My cancer “numbers” began to drop about this time last year.  This is a good direction as opposed to rising.  The IGM protein in my blood, which is the primary cancer marker, began to fall last March, April, and May.  I have had this happen before, but it always took an unhealthy hike and I would feel like “here we go again!”

Since my very first treatment in Greenville, I’ve reached an all time low in cancer numbers!  This is a miracle in itself since it put me in a NORMAL blood count for the first time since my diagnosis in 2008!  On top of that…. my counts have stayed put since then and have continued to drop a little more with every successive treatment!  I confess, I hold my breath when I go back each time, but it is clear that God is going something unusual and that He is pleased to keep me well for the time being!

I do have some stubborn tumors in my legs, but have every hope that each one will disappear over time!  Please pray they will go away. Also, although I am doing so well, I will continue to have treatments every two and a half months. This is a two week extension to see if the cancer will lie dormant.

There is no question in my mind.  Your prayers have made the difference! God is working because of your intercession! God is killing cancer cells! “To God be the glory! Great things He hath done.”!  No credit can be taken other than the mercies of God. What more can be said… It’s truly all about God and His purposes in this life! Should I add another exclamation point? :-)

Thank you, dear friends, for your constant, thoughtful and uplifting prayers! Thank you, Lord!

God’s Richest Blessings to You,