Dear Praying Friends,

It’s puzzling to express my emotions right now.  After returning from our Asia trip for BJU, I purposely scheduled my blood work right away.  So, I had my labs drawn a little over a week ago and then just had my followup appointment with my oncologist this past Monday.

Now, understanding that I traveled every few days, crossed more time zones than I really know, and ate lots of delicious although questionable (healthy?) food,  I would not be exaggerating to say that my body experienced lots of push and pull, tug and depletion, discomfort and extreme climate change, fatigue and flux, etc., etc., etc… :)  Let’s just say I was……… “S T R E T C H E D”……… physically while feeling privileged to accompany my husband on such a meaningful trip!

The GREAT news is that my cancer marker dropped AGAIN! This is unprecedented!  It’s remarkable and slightly unbelievable!  Truly, there is no human explanation apart from your prayers for me for so long!  Unworthy.  That’s how I feel.  Thank you!  That’s all I can say!

In fact, the doctor and I mutually decided NOT to have a treatment for another two months and see how I do.  This will be a 6 month window of no targeted drug therapy or push back on growing cancer cells.  As a reminder, I do have these stubborn tumors that don’t want to dissipate.  They were measured, and we remain hopeful that they will dissolve at some point down the road.  Surgery is not an option.

So, emotionally, I am in a state of, “God, you are doing something unusual.”  I know I can take absolutely no credit. Prayer is the key to God’s heart, and I realize He can sovereignly choose what is best for all.  While rejoicing, I remain in a state of total dependence.

My next appointment/potential treatment will be sometime during the middle of August.  I’ll keep you posted!

Oh, magnify the LORD with me!

Thanking God for you!

Terry Pettit